It has teken me almost a week, 1 day of really trying and I have fixed the mess.  YIPEE!!

I did have to get a little inventive once I had the yarn was in a ball I had to figure out how not to make a mess of it again. 

This is what I came up with … and finally I decided to put the ball into the box and go from there …


what a mess …

I was given some beautiful yarn from Brooks Farm from my SP last year, it is the ACERO yarn.  When I receive the yarn I was not sure what I wanted to do with it.  The other day I was looking through my stash and decided that I wanted to make myself a scarf.  I have also wanted a ball winder for as long as I have been knitting. 

My mom and I decided that we would get a 50% off coupon for Michael’s and then we would split the rest of the cost … which would work out to be like $15 each.  So now I we have a ball winder. 

Yesterday I started winding some yarn that I use some of so they are neater in the closet (this is where I keep my stash).  I got to the Acero yarn and asked DD to help hold the yarn but had no patience for her and said I would do it myself … as you can see from the picture above I have a rather large winding project ahead of me …

SO the moral of this story is find the patience to have DD (8 years old) help.

Jacket Finished

I have finially finished the Jacket for DD.  Well almost I still need to buy buttons and sew them on, but she has taken it and is already wearing it.  This was really an easy sweater to knit … and it looks very nice.  So now I have to finish the fingerless mittens, but she is not going to need them until November … at least so I have time.

Wordless Wednesday

I tried …

Well I missed yesterday’s post so I am not able to finish NaBlaPoMo … So it is back to regular blogging for me.  I will try again next time.

Happy Saturday.


I am sort of at a knitting stand still.  The sweater that I am working on for DD needs more yarn or I need to finish the collar with the yarn I have and use other yarn to put it together.  Not sure which way I am leaning right now.  The Aran blamket is just making me angry right now because I am have a hard time following the pattern … and finally the fingerless mitten for DD are not really needed yet … so what am I to do?

Choices, choices.  I must think on this for a bit.

Wordless Wednesday

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