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iwk-sweaterI started the diminishing rib sweater from IWK.   I am using this Clip yarn that I bought like 2 years and started a tank sweater but I ripped that out and started this new sweater.  sweater



I am still working on the aran blanket, I have 1 square left then I have to sew the thing together … 😀

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It has been awhile


I have been such a bad blogger and knitter. It has been months since I have really knit anything. With that said I have 1 and a half squares left on the blanket … so it is going to end up being a first birthday present … To the left is a picture of the stack of squares that I will need to sew together (something I did not take into account when I chose it).



I have found a sweater patttern to knit (I think) … it is the front cover of this months IWK.  Not sure what I am going to use for it, I have some clip that I started a tank a while back I may rip that out and use that yarn still trying to decide.

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Angie Hat …


Here is a picture of the hat I am working on for my daughter … so far I like the way it is comming out.  The tricky part – for me at least – is going to be the decrease rounds at the crown of the head.  I want to still be able to keep the cables and decrease in the noncable section. 

Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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We Need a Hat

emans-hatMy son does not ask for knitted items often ever.  It has finally turned cold here and he did not have a hat, so he asked for a hat … I dropped all other project to make the boy a hat. 

I am using The Boy Hat pattern and Schachenmayr nomotta Extra.  This hat is knitting up quickly I am hoping to finish the hat so he can have it Monday for school.

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Need another needle …

Is it me or is the needle going in the wrong direction?

Is it me or is the needle going in the wrong direction?

As you can see I was happily knitting along when I noticed I have a broken join in my needle.  So I had to switch out needles.  Thankfully I am using a #7 and I have about 4 pairs.  But now I need to send it back to Knit Picks and hope that they will just exchange the thing without too much of a fuss. 

On a good note the blanket is moving along nicely.  I think I am about half way done with the squares.  Well I am off to contue on the blanket.

Have a great weekend! 


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Blanket Update

I am still working on the Aran Style Blanket I would really like to have the thing finished before it get to cold in New England.  I may just have to turn it into a christmas present at this point.  I think that I have made a mistake on every single on of these squares so far … here is the lastest …


I cabled the wrong way (click for larger picture).  We will just say that it adds “character” or “personality” to the blanket.

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1 mitten down

I used the mitten pattern from Anne Budd’s pattern book, but because of the yarn I knit all rows and shortened the thumb a bit and made the cuff part longer.  And of course like the hat she is trying to take the mitten away before it’s finished …

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