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Saturday Six

1. You have to leave a snack for Santa, but you’re concerned about his health so you don’t want to leave sweets: what healthier snack would you choose instead? No Sugar Added Fat Free Cookies & Low Fat Milk

2. Santa decides to be especially generous this year, and says he’ll bring you a car. What make and model would you like to find in your driveway on Christmas morning? A Toyota Highlander Hybrid

3. Santa is also giving you a vacation to any spot in the world for a week. Where would you like to go? A warm Island

4. Take the quiz: What will be in your Christmas stocking?

Your Christmas Stocking Will Be Filled With a Puppy

Well – one cute, soft, cuddly puppy…And a very soiled Christmas stocking.

What Will Be In Your Christmas Stocking?

5. When was the last time you had a picture taken with Santa Claus?  I think it was sometime in high school with one of my good friends.

6. If Santa could bring you 12 of any single item mentioned in the lyrics of “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” which gift would you choose and why?  I guess if I have to pick one, I will go with the golden rings.

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