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Way behind

This is a sneak peak of the dishcloth I am working on for the Winter Doldrums swap.  It is the Candy Striper Cloth.  It is an easy pattern but knits up so nicely.    candystriper.jpg

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ana hat

anahat.jpgI really thought that the cutie patootie needed a hat to match.  So this is what I came up with, using the same violet as the sweater.  I used the basic hat pattern for Ann Bud’s book of patterns.  And then I used the same crochet boarder as the sweater. 

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I finished the cutie patootie sweater (minus the buttons).  This sweater is going to my new niece Ana she was born in December.  I am also making a hat to match.  More to come …

cutie-patootie.jpg crochetedge.jpg

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My Candy Heart

Your Candy Heart Says “Cutie Pie”

You always seem to have a hot date, even though you never try to meet anyone.

A total charmer, you have a natural appeal that keeps you in high demand.Your ideal Valentine’s Day date: multiple dates with multiple people

Your flirting style: 100% natural

What turns you off: serious relationship talks

Why you’re hot: you’re totally addicting

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WW- Sharing


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