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When only the best will do

When the fall issue of knitty came out I was determined to knit Henry for DH.  He was the unfortunate special recipient of an early in my knitting adventures item (also a scarf).  So I thought Henry would be a nice follow up knit for him. 

After having to CO 227 sts 2 times I decided that I was not all that excited with the way it was turning out.  I also came to the conclusion that while we don’t have many days scarf.jpgwere a scarf is a necessity, DH was going want to use the scarf this winter.   With that in mind I scrapped the Henry project and I am now knitting the scarf with 2 strands of Regia Silk together in a mistake rib pattern.  I think I like the way the scarf is turning out better with the new pattern.  

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