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knitting update

dsc_0138.jpgI have not posted in some time about actual knitting content.  This is the balnket that I started 3ish weeks ago.  I am using 2 strands of redheart together.  This is a close up of the pattern.  It was suposed to be a zig zag pattern.  However, either I can’t read a pattern correctly (which is a high likly hood) or the pattern was written incorrectly (also a high likly hood) I dsc_0139.jpgcould not get the zag part of the zig zag … so I went with ony the zigs. 

As for the tank top I have placed that on the back burner.  I was having trouble kniting the right side … it seems even following the directions I have fouled messed it up.  Once I am finished the blanket I will pick the tank back up and try to fix the problem. 


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Wordless Wednesday

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SP birthday package


My wonderfull secret pal sent me a birthday package to “tide” me over till my final package comes.  She is waiting on some back ordered yarn.  Thank you so much to my SP. 

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a blanket update

Okay, not my finest of titles … please forgive the really horrible bad pun. 

I started working on this blanket that I found for an email from creative knitting.  This one was done using 2 strands of blanket.jpgPnC cotton, I thought that it would be too heavy for a baby, so I am using 2 strands of Red Heart together.  They wanted you to use size 11 & 13 needles but with the Red Heart I am using size 8 & 10 … so it is turning out smaller (which is what I wanted).  

I had to put down the tank to do this blanket (it is for a shower Aug 12th).  myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

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happy birthday to me …

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

Today is my birthday! WOW I am feeling old. 😉

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