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It is a new goal of mine to learn to take better pictures. So with that said while blog surfing yesterday I came across this group. Here is the premis:


You post one or more pictures once a month, any time during the month. The pictures should express the meaning of the month to you. You can post about a person, a place, a thing – whatever you want. Then you write a blog post in conjunction with the pictures to explain the meaning of the month. Twelve pictures/sets = a dozen days. At this point we’re thinking of keeping it simple – do it if you want, but you don’t have to join anything to participate. And we aren’t planning a blog or a web ring. You just post to your own blog. What do you think? You can do it in conjunction with Eye Candy Friday or another group that you are a member of. The goal is to make a fun group that you can use to improve your skills and reflect on the things that matter to you.

In knitting news, I have the decrease left of the hat I started for DD before Christmas. Last night I started a baby hoodie. I have also been working on the dishcloth that I started, it is comming along nicely. I will post WIP pictures in a few days of all these things.

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