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Still Learning

So being new to wordpress I am not entirly sure how to set up my side bars … as you can see I have tried to add my rings and the formatting as moved to all the sidebar … so as I said before it is a work in progress.  Also I wanted to add my newly dress girl to the sidebar but again not really sure how so here she is ready for winter (if it every gets here)!! elouai's doll maker 3 

On the knitting side of news I am making great head way on the jumper for my niece … I am just about 75% done with it!   Way To Go  I need to post a WIP picture of the lastest baby blanket as well, I decided to use the basic dishcloth pattern.  I am happy with the way it looks (I will post a pic soon).  I still have not started the shawl stole (not sure what the differnce is yet) for my grandmother, that is going to be after I finish the jumper.  

Happy Knitting!! 

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Pig Personallity Test

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so with that in mind … Learn your personality through drawing a pig

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My New Blog

  I have decided to move my blog from blogger to wordpress … It looks like I can do a lot more with less headaches so bear with me please ….

Smiley At Work Sign

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Today I saw Casino Royale, the new Bond movie. I really liked it, I thought it was the best one so far and the new guy playing Bond was very good at the part.

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In any case; here is a little update on the knitting, started the second blanket, I am going to make it like grandma’s favorite dishcloth, but frogged it last night because I decided to use size 11 needles instead of 10’s. I have also started the stole for my grandmother, but frogged it as well, the yarn I was going to use was too bulky and you could not see the pretty pattern and I needed to change needle sizes. I finished half the jumper for my niece and started the 2nd piece last night at SnB but started using the wrong needle so yup you guessed it I frogged it!!

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphics

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Quote/Thought of the day

If we couldn’t laugh, we would all go insane.
Jimmy Buffett

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here is the start if the jumper (for my niece); it is knitting up pretty quick … I found the pattern in the Nov issue of Creative Knitting.

this is the Domino Cloth,

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Turkey Time

My November turkey …

And a quick update, the shrug that the cat ate, I fixed the hole in the arm. After I finished putting it together and before DD could even wear it he ate it again … Shoot Me so now mom has it and she is going to add some flower & butterfly patches to fix it … I will post a picture when she is finished with it.

Cornucopia Turkey Cornucopia

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