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Happy Halloween

SpiderTrick O' Treater


Your Halloween Costume Should Be

Candy Corn

What Should You Be For Halloween?


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Picture Update

this is the finished shrug …

and I started one of the dishcloth from Danielle Cote, I am doing Dunes de sable (Sand Waves) … I can’t wait to start the November cloth got my yarn and needles ready …

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Weekend update

first off I have to say that I did not take a Saturday Sky picture … I forgot Annoyed And Disappointed … However I did manage to finish DD’s shrug it turned out okay I think if I had it to do all over again I would pick a different pattern … I will get a picture of it soon.

We carved our pumkin today here is how “Jack” looks … I also finally got the hat, booties, mittens and blanket in the mail to my friend! Baby Girl She is going to be SO happy!! I am now trying to find another blanket pattern for another friend who is due in December. I was thinking of this pattern from the frugal haus. But I am not sure what yarn I want to use … too many decisions!

So I am now going to knit the half dome (from knitty) … for my brother. He bought a Harley and he still drives it to work and his head gets cold (under his helmet of course) … so he asked me to knit him a hat. I am using a charcoal grey wool (he has a black helmet).

Have a great week!!

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To My Secert Pal

I got a package from my secret pal today!!! Way Too Happy Here is what was in it!!

this is what the box looks like put together. 

Thank You Secret Pal!!!

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I know how to fix it!!

I have put a life line in just above the eaten part of the shrug … I am going to cut the part below and then put those sts on the needles and reknit. I saw this on an episode of Knitty Gritty … after calming down, and reflecting a bit on what had just happened I realized that I was not all that happy with the 1×1 ribbing cuff and I can now rework a bit and have the shrug have rolled sleeves …

Also, I forgot to mention this earlier, Thank you to my Secret Pal for the very cute ecard she sent on Friday. You Rock

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HELP!!! My cat ate my knitting!

How can I fix this? Any suggestions?


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Saturday Sky

here is the 1 big leafy tree in my yard … you can see that it is STILL green … but not a cloud in the sky ( and after all the sky is waht this is about!!)

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More baby things

My friend finally had the baby (the one the blanket is going to). She had a little girl, 9.5 pounds. So along with the blanket I decided to make something pink … so I whip up these booties, using TLC Cotton Plus in pink and white. I am also making a hat from the same yarn, and because this hat is for a little girl I am not going to put the knot on the top … I think it will look cute without it … this is so cute and the first time that I have tried this sort of a pattern …

I do have a question … when doing a pattern such as this one is this what the inside of the hat is suposed to look like? Because for the life of me I could not figure out any other way to do the hearts!?? Have a great day!

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quick update

I whipped up a little hat to match the vest. Well I can get this into the mail. Also, a very good friend of mine had her baby a little girl, on Saturday so more baby knitting … Sunshine and I did not get a saturday sky picture … I went to a picnic to benifit the local legion hall and forgot to bring the camera …

Have a great week!!

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My Personality cocktail

This is fun:

How to make a Coarine

5 parts competetiveness

1 part self-sufficiency

1 part energy

Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little caring if desired!

And here is another one:

How to make a Knotmaker

1 part intelligence

3 parts ambition

1 part instinct

Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add wisdom to taste! Do not overindulge!

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