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So in my total ADDness or maybe it is not wanting to sew things together I have been procrastinating finishing the baby blanket, I realized while I was knitting 1 of the 2 remaining squares that I have SO much sewing to do to put this blanket together … so I have been focusing on hats for Caps for a Cure and dishcloths. I started the Samantha hat and I started the flower buds cloth, and after that one is finished I am going to do the friendship chain cloth. I think I have decided what I am going to do about the shawl for my grandmother … I am going to do this shawl with either this yarn or this yarn, not really sure which one I want to use, I am leaning towards 2nd one (silk city bounce) I can’t wait to start on it.

Here is that picture of the kittens that I tried to post the other day

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