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I have a theme song:

“Shot” by The Rasmus. You are completely normal except for the fact that where regular humans ignore the cruelty in the world, you embrace it. You fight for the weak and innocent. You have your own problems, but you are able to put them aside. You don’t have any powers other than your intelligence which you use to create weapons. You are my favorite kind of hero because you are able to adapt in any situation. You can see what your theme song is here.

I have never heard this song, maybe I am going to have to find it and check it out …

Anyway, in actual knitting news, I was SO tired last night that I really did not get anything accomplished on the redesigned hat …

it has been raining on and off for I thin 5 days now … it really needs to stop all I want to do is go to bed and take a nap!
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