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tuesday – good or bad???

i have sort of not been knitting much lately, after finishing the baby set, i did a few dish cloths and this hat. it is for caps for a cure i used baby boucle in violet blossom, on size 9 circ … here is the picture. it is really soft and cuddly, i have plenty more to make another one for the next group. i have the same type of yarn as this hat in a yellow also … can’t wait to use it …

i picked this rose out of my garden the other day because it was SO pretty, i will share with everyone:

so what to knit next well, i am going to start another hat, not sure of the pattern yet, i think i am going to try and design one myself – we shall see. a while back i bought some really cute lb magic stripe yarn to make a poncho for dd, never made the poncho because as i started the pattern i did not really like it … so i think i am going to make a cardi for her useing that yarn it is really bright and fun colors. also, i REALLY need to finish some socks for my dad … i guess that is enough to keep me busy … O and i am doing the 2md quarter dishcloth exchange so i will need to think of something for that as well … so may things to knit and so little time …


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