Archive for March 22nd, 2006

so many things have disappointed me the last few days … first of all the patriots let go of arguably the best kicker EVER … so we shall see what they come up with as a replacement (i do not have high expectations on this) …

next the lacey bag i am knitting, we lets just saw something went horribly wrong … i did a solid back instead of carring the pattern … well it is a lot wider and just a bit longer as well … here is a picture of the disaster: well a picture will have to wait because i can’t seem to get blogger to upload my picture …

i don’t think blocking is going to fix this issuse … so we shall toss it in a pile and forget about it for a while … i just want to point out that it is almost 4pm on thursday almost 24 hours after the original post!!! gotta love blogger sometimes!

third on the list of disapointments is the bohemian hat … for some reason it is huge … i am hopeing that some one has a larger head … also while it is pretty and soft it is a real pain to knit with … (see picture from previous post)

okay so i think i have done enough complaining for now … i will try later to add the picture, with better results hopefully!

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