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i have FINALLY started my second hat for caps for a cure, i had orginally wanted to start the bohemian that i won but it has been a bit of a saga getting the correct circ, thrusday is when i go to LYS for SNB, well for what ever reason i did not go this so i decieded to go and buy the book of patterns by ann budd, and also a circ to make the hat with the bohemian well i got the book and grabbed a size 13 instead of an 11 … so friday morning i bring back the 13 and got a 16″ #11 circ, and then i realized that i also needed some sixe 11 dpn’s so i picked up some brittney birch’s. last night i start to CO the bohemian and realized that the 16″ was going to be WAY to small and I needed either a 24 or 29″ …

so being fed up with that i got some cotton that i have and started a different hat altoghther, i am using a “carolina tar heel” blue and white … i thought i might try doing a hat where i had to change color … i am not sure why i thought this would be hard but WAY easier than i thought … anyway here is a picture of the progress i made last night on the hat:

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