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flash me baby!

i almost forgot that tomorrow is flash your stash day: so i thought i would post it today so i don’t forget tomorrow. so here it is my stash.

this picture has most of my cotton, and left overs from other projects, some of this i have plans for …

in this picture i have some magic strip yarn that i am going to make a sweater for dd with, a skein of opal, and some other soft yarn for making hats with …

and finally these 3 skeins i just picked up at my lys yesterday, the peachy color yarn i am currently knitting the odessa hat with …

so there you have it my stash … not very big … but serves the purpose …

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which season are you?

You are Autumn.A brow season.Blind rain,and more cool things
Take this

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easter egg (take 2)

okay here is the second attempt at the easter egg … this on i did useing a double strand of cotton one blue, one white. i like the way the colors blended together.

so i am still not convinced that it looks like an egg – i think i might see if i can find a bunny pattern and do that … we shall see.

the sweater is moiving along nicely i just have to do the shaping on the sleeves and the boarders and then i can block and finish that.

well i guess that is all for now …

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project spectrum

i joined project spectrum today i think it is a really fun and sorta a non conventional way to knit with different colors that you may otherwise never use. so april i need to knit some thing in yellow & orange … i think i have the yellow figured out, it is going to be the yellow bernat yarn that i just picked up recently that i am going to use for a hat for caps for a cure.

to go along with project spectrum i joined the postcard swap, i think this is going to be a fun way to get to now other people – i guess it could be considered the mondern equivelant of pen pals.

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easter egg??

in my opal sock list somebody found a pattern for knitted easter eggs, so last night i gave it a try, this is how it turned out: not as pretty as the original, the top is sorta funny looking but i can deffinatly see the “egg shape” so I think i am going to give it another run tonight and see if i can’t improve.

glitter graphics hello kitty is for dd she had a rough day at school yesterday, so i thought i would put this up for her, she will be so excited when she sees it – she loves hello kitty!!

glitter graphics

in other news i have decided to train for and run in a 5k in may … i am very excited about this … it will be the first time ever that i have done something like this. so i have about 7 weeks to get ready …

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a new sweater

i thought i would post a WIP of the cardi i am doing for my friend, she is due April 1st, this is her 3rd and it is a boy (she has 2 older girls 6 & 3). i am using bernat satin, size 5 & 7 needles. i have to say knitting new born sizes is great they take no time at all. i am also going to make a hat and possibly booties.

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i want to know how the blogthings people come up with this stuff? come to think of it wouldn’t that be a great job, sit at a desk and come up with really corny quizes that people with take and put on their blog. what i want to know is does this totally bring out the gayness in the people that take the “what/which ___ are you” ??? i would love to hear/read your thoughts/comments on this subject …
You Are Jan Brady

Brainy and a little introverted, you tend to think life is a lot worse than it actually is.
And while you may think you’re a little goofy looking, most people consider you to be a major babe.

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